SI No.
Author Name
Book Title
1. A.T.Asvini Meenaatchi, R.Rajeswarapalanichamy First Principles Study of Electronic Structure of Transition Metal Nitride: TiN Under Normal and High Pressure February 2011
2. J.Fredrick

An Empirical Analysis on the factors Governing Women Entrepreneurs

February 2011
3. S.Kunasekaran

Bankim Chandra Chatterji’s Bandemataram and the Conception of Bharata Mata: Dawn of a New Epoch

February 2011

C.Rajkumar, C.Shanthi

Performance of Special Economic Zone in India

February 2011
5. J.Vijayadurai

A Study of Entrepreneurial Behaviour Among Farmers in the Regulated Markets

February 2011
6. P.Tharmaraj, R.Ebenezer,C.D.Sheela

Biological Activity of Conjugated Ligands and Their metal complexes

February 2011


An Introduction to the Application of Psycholinguistics to Spoken Language Teaching

February 2011
8. V.J.R.Emerlson Moses

Global Financial Crisis and Its Impact on India

February 2011
9. M.Moovendhan

Innovative Techniques and Practices in Teaching English as a second language to Rural students

February 2011
10. R.Vijayabhanu, V.Radha

Identifying Missing Values and Outliers from an Anaerobic Wastewater Treatment System using K-Means Cluster

February 2011
11. A. Joseph Xavier, A.Saravanan

Service Marketing – A Comparative Study on Government and Private Hospital in Srivilliputhur

February 2011
12. O.Anandavalli

Samathuvapuram – A Model Village for Social Equality

February 2011


Customer’s Awareness, Satisfaction towards the Banking Services – An Empirical Study

February 2011

P. Srithar,B. Manoharan

A Study on the Growth of FDI, FPI and NRI Investments Under Liberalization Period in India

February 2011
15. A.Arumugam, K.Jeyakodi Computerisation of Rural Postal Life Insurance – A Boon for Rural Savings December 2012

P.Rajagopal & K.Jeyakodi

A study on students perception of Broadband service in Madurai City: An Empirical Study

December 2012

K.Sathiya, K.Gowri

Emerging Entrepreneurial Opportunities for Women in India – An outlook December 2012
18. N.J.Rajasekaran A study on CRM Development & Implementation Steps in Banking Sector December 2012

Rajesh Babu, T.Vanniarajan,

Retail Service Quality : An Empirical study in Tamilnadu December, 2012


A language lab with speakers and good proxemics – The Need of the Hour December, 2012

Jeba Melvin, Narayana Rajan

Impact of Internet Banking in the Banking Industry – CJL December 2012
22. M.Akila, Kasilingam

Customers’ attitude towards Health Insurance : An empirical study in Tamilnadu

December 2012
23. R.Arun Prasath A study on customer satisfaction towards Aircel in Madurai city December 2012
24. T.Ayyappan Marketing of Jute products in India December 2012
25. S.A.Kannagi Multi – Dimensional view of quality of work life – SEM approach December 2012
26. Somineni Kishore Kumar Marketing of E-Banking services December 2012


Manpower planning in small scale industries

December 2012

N.Poornachelvan, T.Vanniarajaran

Performance Management: A conceptual framework from education perspective December 2012

C.R.Mathuravalli, S.Sakthivel Rani

Customer expectations of store attributes: A study of organized retail outlets in Madurai December, 2012
30. P.Srithar, R.Yazhini, P.Balamurugan, G.Mariselvam, N.Bairavi An analytical study on impact of FDI and CPI on GDP of India December, 2012

P.Srithar, B.Manoharan, M.Kavitha

The impact of organized retail market in India h December 2012

R.Senthil Kumar, M.Kishore Kumar

A study on the attitude of smart shoppers card holders of Tamilnad Mercantile Bank December 2012

K.Jeyakodi, A.Arumugam

Computerisation of rural postal Life Insurance – A boon for rural savings December 2012
34. R.Dhanalekshmi Rural Marketing December 2012

A.Sivakumar, K.Kamaraj

Value added tax (Vat) in India December 2012


The flower, water and biblical imagery in Margaret Laurence’s the Stone Angel December 2012

P.Srithar, V.Eswari, S.Divya

Impact of Performance of onion cultivation in Tamilnadu

December 2012

P.Srithar, R.Senthilkumar, M.Savitha, G.Sudha

A study on performance of milk production (2001-2010) in India December 2012

R.Ganesh, S.Thabasu Kannan

An appraisal system to identify Robustness of Multi Resolution Watermarking December 2013
40. C.Mahadevi A segmentation approach for Coronary Plaque Layer on IVUS image using LBF and LSE Method December 2013
41. R.Neelamegam, B.Pavala Kumar, L.Joshua Paul Moses NGOs an Abet Gizmo to ascertain information Technology Infrastructure in Tamilnadu as Channel to Rural Development – A study with reference to Tirunelveli District December 2013
42. N.Poorna Chelvan, T.Vanniarajan Examining the relationship between job design and employees’ performance December 2013
43. P.Shanmugapraba, J.Jeyasundari Interaction of Anticancer Drug Anastrazole with Ds-dna analysed by Electrochemical Methods December 2013
44. D.Selvamani A study on quality of work life performance of women street vendors in Madurai city December 2013
45. P.Balamurugan Right brain oriented curriculum for all round development December 2013
46. M.Vinoth Kumar Bertrand Russell’s “The limits of human power”: A warning on environmental depletion by the Hectic Exploitation of Earth’s Resources by Modern Industries December 2013
47. J.Selvamalar

Feminist concerns in Indian English Writings

December 2013
48. D.Selvamani A study on quality of work life performance of women street vendors in Madurai city December 2013
49. T.Jeya
Historic aspects of trade in ancient India December 2013
50. G.Vennila Ancient education centres in South India with special reference to mathas December 2013
51. A.Soundararajan, S.Priya Subjuated and suppressed women in Mahesh Duttani’s where there is a will December 2013
52. A.Jegan Paul Social restraints of women in Bronte’s “Jane Eyre” December 2013
53. S.Shalma Begum Disorder and Distress in V.S.Naipaul’s The Mimic Men December 2013
54. K.Madhavarajan Movie Club as a Tool to Improve English Proficiency of the Students – A proposal December 2013
55. G.Jeyajeevakani Libertinism and Dilemma in Hugh John Blagdon Hood’s White Ground, White Figure December 2013
56. D.Suganya Symbolism in Indian poetics December 2013
57. V.Revathi Ethnic perception in Toni Morrison’s The Bluest Eye December 2013
58. K.Manimaran Historical Facts of Mullai Periyar Dam – A Study December 2013
59 G.Vinoth Kumar Moment and Milieu in Bharati Mukherjee’s Select Novels December 2013
60. S.Krithika Effects of Quality of Work Life on Job Performance Theoretical Perspectives December 2013
61. K.Nishanthi Dissolving illusion inaugurating reality: A reading of Bharati Mukherjee’s Miss New India December 2013
62. L.Sugirtha, S.P.Srithar “A study on services of Green Banks in Tamil Nadu” December 2013
63. C.Kalarani The contributions of the Nayaks of Madurai December 2013
64. G.Karthigaiselvi Cultural Ambivalence in Amit Chaudhuri’s A New World December 2013
65. A.Lalitha The Technique of Double Narration Found in R.K. Narayan’s Short Stories December 2013
66. J.Prema A study on training and development in Smes in Madurai District December 2013
67. M.Vijaya Shanthi Educational Contribution of Madurai Nadars December 2013

X.Josephin Jasaline Anitha , M.Karthika

Role of 4p’s in reengineering projects with XP

December 2013

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